Text Box: "I would highly recommend Buckle My Shoe to anyone seeking an environment which pays close attention to early childhood development.  The foundation exudes a structure which is necessary for the beginning stages of toddlerhood; and your staff's dedication to teaching creates an atmosphere where children never lose the thirst to learn.”  
- Sharon Jack-Williams/Labor Relations Specialist NYC
Text Box: “We so value and appreciate how everyone at Buckle My Shoe respects the whole child.  They clearly believe that all children are intelligent and deserving of a place where they can establish a strong self-concept through exploration of their interests and passions."
- Mary Beth and Mark Fisher
Text Box: "At the Buckle My Shoe Nursery School, first thing in the morning, big things are already happening.   Children are being exposed to the right things at the right age."
- Ned Potter, ABC World News
Text Box: “For me there was no choice:  Buckle My Shoe was the only preschool I applied to because it was the only one good enough to care for my daughter.  This decision was not entered into lightly.  I did extensive research and visited numerous other schools.  When all was said and done, Buckle My Shoe exceeded my high expectations and justified my weeks spent researching.  It was the place I was looking for to begin my child’s education.
As a parent I have been more than satisfied with the principles and educational philosophy, and the teachers, staff and administrators at Buckle My Shoe.  Most of all, my child is happy there.  She is fully nurtured and is provided all the enrichment needed for her positive development in a safe and loving atmosphere.  Buckle My Shoe truly places its emphasis and focus on the children.  To become part of the Buckle My Shoe family is to lay a strong and lasting foundation for your children.”
- Malissa Mootoo, Public School Principal and Former Teacher
Text Box: "The nurturing and loving atmosphere of Buckle My Shoe school and staff has enabled my child to grow, develop and mature into a sociable, outgoing little girl.  She looks forward to going to school each morning and I know that this positive experience will make her transition into elementary school much easier." 
- Ruth Pickholz, NYC Judge